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Welcome to Western Wool

Your Global Partner in Wool

We are an integrated company that sees itself as a conduit between Australia’s woolgrowers and overseas mills.

Backed by the Queensland Cotton Corporation Pty Ltd, Australia’s largest exporter of natural fibres, the business has progressed rapidly. From a country broker in the central west of New South Wales we have expanded domestic capabilities in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia as well as leveraging and growing our export business.

Our experienced team is focused on servicing wool producers and satisfying the needs of topmakers and spinning mills worldwide. Our aim is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with woolgrowers and service topmakers and spinning mills with quality wool, on time and in accordance with their requirements.

We believe we hold a leading competitive position in the industry and are positioned to grow market share both within Australia and Internationally by providing the highest level of service to our customers.

‘Bringing Australia’s Woolgrowers closer to their customers’

Western Wool